* Rates are for 8-hour periods from time of entry. If you wish to stay longer than 8 hours, you are welcome to re-up for a second 8-hour period.


* Pricing subject to change without notice.


*  Prices may differ from above for special events and parties.


* Student and Military discount may not be in effect during special events and parties.


* Limit of one "free locker pass" or other coupon per 24 hour period.


* Hawks PDX reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


* If you rent a room and are planning to leave the club for more than 30 minutes during your 8 hour room rental period, then please take your belongings. Hawks reserves the right to resell the room. If you return within your 8 hour room rental period, and the room originally assigned to you has been rented, we will provide you with access to another room. If no rooms are available, then we will place you on a room waiting list.


* Specials may not be combined.


* Membership required for all patrons

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No sleeping in the public areas of Hawks PDX is permitted.


On check-out bring your key and / or lock to the front desk and turn it in to an attendant. Be sure to get your ID returned to you before you leave the club.


Hawks PDX reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


If it's illegal outside Hawks PDX / It's illegal inside Hawks PDX.

A valid photo ID plus membership and locker or room rental is required for entry into the Hawks PDX.


Hawks PDX reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


Brief in-and-out privileges for smoking or food are at the discretion of Hawks PDX employees.


Alcohol and Illegal Drugs are NOT permitted in the club. You will be denied entry if your are “under the influence”.


No glass containers in the showers, steam room, or other areas of Hawks PDX.


Street clothes are not permitted in the play areas. You are more than welcome to run around in your towel, or sports wear.


Fetish wear is greatly encouraged.


All customers must present as male to enter the club. We are Trans-friendly for FTMs, but cross-dressing or MTF transvestism is not conducive to our atmosphere.


Feel free to let someone know you are hot for him. If he isn't hot for you, move on. When someone comes on to you and you aren't interested, be courteous but firm. You just got a compliment!


Our staff is friendly and here to make you comfortable. Please feel free to ask for their assistance. We ask you to respect their work; hands off!


Prostitution is illegal in Portland and Hawks PDX. If you are caught soliciting for prostitution in Hawks PDX you will be 86’ed permanently from the club.


Please put dirty towels in the towel bin at the front desk.